Finally stopped procrastinating on my financial aid stuff (but the deadline was way past due… man…) All I have to do now is print out something and mail it out. (And I can do that at Sam’s house, I think!)

Right now, I’m going out with Diana, Molly, and Sam to bake at his house. I’m stoked! I haven’t baked banana bread in a long time, so this should be really fun. :) 

I feel like a lot of things have lifted off of my chest now and I can finally breathe…

Okay, bye! 

I’ll post a picture of the banana bread later, hehe!

What would it be like to live in the city of lights?
Sigh, I guess I’ll only dream.
Aww :) 
If only I had a crease! :’)
daisies! <3
I have a glue gun now… maybe I’ll make this for SunGod next year?